by Vile Crone

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Apostle 06:56
Slithering forth from smoldering remains, re-birthed into darkness denied the grave. A Daughter of ancient ways, Sacrificed to a god depraved. Dark rights conjure back her soul, twisted and torn by agonizing death. Driven to destroy those that deny, the will of the timeless mother... She is the Apostle Slaughter them all, like plague-ridden lambs. The disease of mankind Blood will cure the land. Beauty spawned of blackest magic, a ghostly pale light in the dark. Her hands slick with dripping red, Gore of guilty men, broken and dead. With inhuman grace, she weaves her spells, twisted and torn by agonizing death. Mutilated forms cry out in pain, Vengeance made manifest... She is the Apostle Slaughter them all, tear apart flesh and limb. Her ice-cold heart, grows dark and grim. She fades to shadow, consumed by the below.
Gatekeeper 06:20
Alone he stands, against the tides, of posing fools, and ignorant lies... GATEKEEPER! Deny the false GATEKEEPER! Only he stands true. Loneliness his quest, obscure names adorn his vest. Guardian of knowledge none with to know, Proudly he waits, Forgotten, Alone. GATEKEEPER! Deny the False GATEKEEPER! Only he stands true. Living in denial, that his life is worthwhile. Guardian of nothing, and everyone knows, delusional his waits, to die alone. GATEKEEPER! The truth he loved, now sold to the masses, he knew it first, as if that matters. GATEKEEPER! Pathetic Vermin, GATEKEEPER! Time to Die. He's beyond salvation, Addicted to masturbation. A self-righteous quest, his efforts for naught, left alone, with the lies, he's bought. Self-satisfied he proclaims, that above all others, Only he, stands true.
An ocean of despair, drowning in the dark. Strive against the undertows, as the stillness leaches... Memory and perception, decomposing truth, lost to the rot. Grey fogs dense with dread, descend upon a diseased mind. Swallowed whole by the madness, begging for release or... Death... Await the darkness, to take you whole. Into the vacuum of, the empty. A broken mind exposed, to primal fears. Life drains into, sinister black. Rot in stagnation... Writhe in decay...
Soulless, Demonic Endless, Hunger for defilement. Consume, innocents Sacrificed, on the altar of blood. They writhe Trapped in torment, await thy doom. Soulless, ancient Endless, lust for dark power. Soulless, without form. Endless, eternal haunting the night. Ravenous, feasting devouring, soiled flesh and corrupted souls Denied salvation, Digested in abhorrent ways. Soulless, Nightmare Endless horror rules the dark. Sacrificed upon the altar of flesh and blood, defiled and devoured. Daughters and sons cry out in vain to the deaf ears of the acolytes. held fast to corrupted earth, a horrid feast of flesh delivered unto darkness shadowed forms descend upon its screaming victims nightmare given form Torn flesh, bodies ravaged, their souls are lost the ritual is done... Emerging from the dark void of ancient times, summoned by sacrificed for man's darkest desires. Demonic shadow horrors take hold of their mortal shells naught but vessels for darkest vile lusts. Gorging on defiled flesh and bone, the endless hunger for innocent flesh never sated. spilling abhorrent seed into disembodied wombs, the vile offspring are born of viscera. Screaming in the night, a chaotic carnival. Prehistoric beasts of evil feast on human carcasses. Demonic carnal lusts indulged with ferocious vigor. soulless and endless the shadow haunts the land...
Decaying sunlight pierces my eyes, as shadow engulfs this dying world. Amber flame retreats from blackened sky's consumed by ravenous void. The flame wilts, a dwindling spark by the light of a dying star. Souls depart, into viscous dark cold winds gnaw at the horizon As the fire fades... Hollow dead rot upon the earth, cold eyes fixed on the dying light. Vacant witnesses to annihilation birth, drowned in blackened tides. Humanity lost to the burning mark, forgotten realms of man crumble to dust. Souls depart into viscous dark frost creeps in from the horizon As the fire fades... Lay still upon the soil, times at an end. Calm your weary mind, as eternal night descends. All the light has left, your suffering is done. Now close your eyes, as darkness swallows the sun. And I still recall the taste of ash, upon my heathen tongue. All that was, decayed as the fire fades... Embers turn cold, black and dull. As glowing cinders litter the biting winds. Souls depart into viscous dark. Nightmares seep in from the horizon as the fire fades...


Apostle combines Black and Doom Metal, with a sprinkling of Death metal and even flirts with Synthpop and Industrial. Written, recorded and produced in a study independently over a year by solo member Tom G, Apostle is an exploration of dark storytelling. Featuring unrelenting black metal guitar breaking into death/doom chug and high octane choruses with a layer of dark synth underling every track, Apostle defies genre norms but won't stop you from head-banging your brains out!


released January 1, 2020

Written, Performed, and Produced by T.G.

All artwork and designs by T.G.

Heartfelt thanks to Kate Rawinski and Luke Shaw.


all rights reserved



Vile Crone Adelaide, Australia

Vile Crone is a solo black/doom/death metal project based in Adelaide, Australia. Written, recorded and produced by Tom G. Vile Crone started as a hobby, a non-musician seeing how far he could get mucking around with his old broken guitar and computer. Tom G. is also an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer, thus Vile Crone is truly a solo effort in audio, visual and beyond. ... more

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